Challenges Associated With Migration of Telecom Billing System

Large scale organizations and MNC’s providing communications services may require migration of their telecom billing system due to various factors. Some of the most common factors influencing such demands include mergers, acquisitions, legal requirements, system enhancements and technical requirements. However, migration of the whole system is not a simple task. It has many challenges that must be properly evaluated, analyzed and overcome.
Mentioned below are 5 most critical challenges associated with the migration of a communication service provider’s telecom billing solution.
Complexity of Data: Long existing legacy systems usually undergo a lot of changes which makes the data and system as a whole too complex. These changes make the billing data too heterogeneous to be successfully migrated through normal migration tools and technologies. Some customization will be required in the migration tool to successfully achieve the desired results.
Data Interpretation: Legacy systems lack the presence of a product hierarchy. Further, the data resides in multiple systems therefore it becomes very difficult to get a 360 degree view of a customer. If the new system does not allow certain things and the previous one did then there will be issues after migration.
Customer Experience: As the data being migrated is highly complex and historical in nature therefore there are many issues in implementing migration on the telecom billing software. Maintaining the same level of customer satisfaction is a real challenge after migration as people are always against changes. They get comfortable in doing things in a particular way and any changes in it may not be taken nicely.
Degree Of Required Customization: High level of customization is required in migration of telecom billing systems due to the complex nature of data. If the required customization gets too heavy or complex then it could be a problem.
Synchronization: One of the biggest issues that is faced by communication service providers while system migration is the problem of data synchronization in new system. The whole process is required to be carried out very efficiently to avoid any data synchronization issues.
The Downtime Of System: The telecom billing solutions are kept down during the migration process. If the downtime is too long then it could lead to delays in rating and bill generation processes which will directly affect the productivity of the business.
Migration of your telecom billing system is a very big step which must be very carefully carried out. Make sure that you are partnering with the right service provider for your requirements as a telecom billing software is a critical part of your business which must be handled with maximum preciseness.

Effective Microorganism – The Power Of Magnetic Wave Resonance

There are some really unique healing solutions that I discuss in my book that have beneficial healing applications in multiple areas.
Effective Microorganismsare one of the most amazing solutions that cross the areas of human health, animal health, agriculture, environmental remediation, and aquaculture, to name a few of its applications. Here is a chapter from my book that highlights the amazing potential of Effective Microorganisms.
My discovery of EM was another accident. I was looking for a few quotes from Masaru Emoto in his book, The Secret Life of Water, when I stumbled upon references to Hado and Hado Medicine. As I read further I realized that he was referring to the basic premise of this book that everything has a vibration, frequency, and resonance. His term for using energy is Hado. This concept has a different name everywhere in the world, but refers to the same thing, which is the conscious use of life energy. This is yet another data point in my growing collection of data points that supports the discoveries that I made in natural healing and how the energy of things plays into all of them.
EM is part of Dr. Emoto’s set of Hado examples in The Secret Life of Water. He discusses at length the incredible results that were being seen around the world as part of Dr. Teru Higa’s work in using EM in environmental cleanup, agriculture, construction and other applications. Since I’m on a crusade to find cool healing things, I immediately did a web search on Dr. Higa and EM to learn more. What I discovered amazed me and motivated me to get involved in using EM and distributing the products.
EM Technology is the use of antioxidants, enzymes, and other bio-available compounds derived from fermentation of a specific culture of microorganisms to exert beneficial effects on the surrounding environment. The technology was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa, a professor of horticulture at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan. EM Technology is used in making several patented products ranging from various water treatment devices to jewelry, textiles, plastics, and building materials.” EM1 Microbial Inoculant is a liquid containing many co-existing microorganisms. The major groups of microorganisms in EM1 Microbial Inoculant are lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and phototropic bacteria. EM was first developed in 1982 as an alternative to synthetic chemicals in the field of agriculture. Through extensive research and experiments over time, EM became recognized as effective in various fields, including environmental remediation, recycling organic wastes, reducing odor in livestock operations, treating wastewater, and many more.
A significant body of research recorded at the EM Research Organization in Japan supports all of the incredible applications and use cases that are attributed to EM Technology. Time does not permit me to delve deeply into them here as this will be include in-depth in my book where I will have had at least one year of personal experience and research to validate what I already intuitively believe to be true about EM Technology.
My understanding of EM is as follows- the microbes in EM1 Microbial Inoculant are probiotics for the Earth. Like the beneficial probiotics that I take to keep bad bacteria in check in my digestive system, the EM1 Microbial Inoculant does the same thing, only on a much broader scale. In Dr. Higa’s book, Our Future Reborn, he explains how we have forces of syntropy (positive energy, life-giving) effects and entropy (negative energy, destructive) effects on nature and our world. In the invisible world of microorganisms Dr. Higa observed that 10% are good, beneficial to life and 10% are bad, destructive to life, the other 80% are uncommitted. Like spectators in the human race, the uncommitted are watching the action from the sidelines and will jump in on the side of the winning team once they can determine who has the momentum and the will to win.
So to take my metaphor further, EM is the champ in every encounter. It has a knock out punch that the bad bacteria can’t handle. It has what Dr. Higa calls magnetic wave resonance. This is an incredible syntropic healing energy. I call it Ki on steroids.
It defies all common sense and scientific logic. This is one of the reasons I like EM Technology, because like many of the things I embrace, there is no science to completely explain it. Just boatloads of research and documented evidence on its successful application in solving many of the world’s pressing problems.
EM will confound right brain thinkers, scientists, and engineers because it’s efficacy and application defies our collective experience. It delights left brain thinkers like me. It sounds too good to be true. You can’t see magnetic wave resonance, just the results that it delivers. It confounds all the modern thinking and scientific logic. I love it! The people who think what I have written in this book is a bunch of hooey will really dislike EM, because they can’t comprehend it, will want to dismiss it, and then will have to accept it in the face of a large library of evidence that it really works. The proof is in real tangible results. EM absorbs energy. It appears to absorb free form energy from an external source. This mechanism is similar to when plants use carbon dioxide and solar energy to synthesize substances, resulting in powerful energy. In the case of EM, this mechanism is thought to involve a strong antioxidizing function simultaneously combined with the wave effect that absorbs energy from an unidentified source. There are many types of wave motion, but EM wave motion is believed to have ultra high frequency, ultra low energy magnetic wave resonance qualities that defy common sense. Although further study is required, EM’s effects on dioxin and radiation, natural healing powers and energy-conservation properties cannot be explained without this peculiar magnetic wave resonance.
So this citation makes everything crystal clear to you, doesn’t it?
Success stories abound in Dr. Higa’s wonderful book, Our Future Reborn. It is required reading. One of the most incredible stories was the restoration of the Seto Inland Sea with EM. This massive cleanup project started with the formation of a taskforce to educate the public and to gain acceptance and usage of EM-based products for sewage disposal, dioxin pollution remediation, soil remediation, and direct infusions of EM into estuaries and the Seto Inland Sea which was extremely polluted. The fish, shellfish, and seaweed populations were minuscule due to residential, agricultural, and industrial pollution. EM was introduced into all of these sectors for the treatment of wastes. They also set up a massive fermentation system to produce EM1 Microbial Inoculant in quantities to support wide use and to dump directly into the polluted sea.
In just five years the nearly lifeless Seto Inland Sea was teaming with schools of fish. The shellfish populations were at pre-industrial pollution levels. Octopus returned, and the seaweed beds were producing clean, fresh, edible product once again. I have never heard of this large-scale pollution remediation success before. I find it almost unbelievable but it is all documented.

Htc Sensation Charger- Much Needed And Helpful Accessory

Time has gone, when mobiles were only for sharing communication with other people, now the mobiles phones are becoming the source of entertainment also. When the things come about entertainment, a name of a smart phone strikes in our mind and that is HTC sensation. But to enjoy all the features and applications of this smart phone, there must be all the needed accessories.
You can also add accessories to boost the quality of the phone. The much needed accessory of htc sensation is Htc sensation charger. All the features and applications of this smart phone are useless without its charger. However the battery performance of this smart phone is pretty good, but without a charger, it can last long for a long time. So, it is very important that your device must have a fine quality’s charger.
You may be thinking that a HTC sensation Mains Charger is provided with a phone, when it is purchased, then what is the need to buy a charger! Yeah, you are right. A charger is an accessory, which is provided with the phone but there may be case, when you need an extra charger. Cases such as, when you travel to another place or your original charger is not working, then you can use this Mains Charger for HTC sensation.
Htc sensation is a very popular phone among the mobile junkies, so it is very easy to get a charger for this phone. Remember one thing that you will buy an original charger of this phone. Reason behind buying original charger is that an original charger saves electricity. It stops charging, when your phone is fully charged. In this way, it also saves your equipment from damaging by an electric shock, which a duplicate charger never does. .
In mobile market there are several types of htc sensation chargers, which are wired or non-wired. These are commonly known as home charger and HTC sensation Car Charger. A home charger is a wired charger, which can be purchase as an extra charger. You can use this charger, when you have a charger at home and this extra charger, you can use in your office or any other place. .
If you love to travel and spends several hours in you car then you must also buy a car charger. You can charge your mobile with the battery of the car and can enjoy the latest applications of this phone.

Your Trash can is Stolen Again! Big Deal! Oh Yeah!

It’s being fairly common to get our trash cans stolen, even in an upscale neighborhood! Must you report? Call 911? For a dirty, outdated tras can? – Sure, you must report and here is why:

Who cares about your trash? – Thieves do! And it may well be not just for your foods or merchandise you throw out, your trash will most unquestionably be looked by way of for papers, indeed, your papers. From bank statements to outdated credit score card statements, all goes from the trash can! People even throw credit cards inside the trash with no cutting them up very first. Thieves realize that and can start off mischief along with your identify and particulars – identity theft.

It hardly helps make headline news, but quite a few neighbors noted stolen garbage bins. And when they never report it, then far too generally we listen to their criticism. Make no error, identity theft is quite common and also the amount of remarkably organized identification thieves are raising, stealing trash cans and seriously any particular trash from you they can lay their hands on to get to your personalized information.

With that they check out to open up credit cards, get bank cards, credit cards and signal up for digital bank statements. Are you currently ensuring you only throw out documents which have been shredded to bits? When you turn out to be a victim of identification theft, it is you that has to kind it out – with greatest challenges – even jeopardizing your credit score rating. And it’s NOT your fault!

Your trash might also all too often fills up with too many fliers and offers and printed coupon presents and are turning into additional than simply a headache. Since it is you that has to sort it all out and be certain which you really do not throw out any complete personal paperwork with it on the exact same time!

And when anything just will get a lot of, that you are searching for yet another remedy. A brand new tactic concerning how to deal with all of the paperwork inside of a more efficient, a lot more civilized and protected method.

You might be signing up for digital bank statements and any bill which can you may signal up for electronically. That’s conserving a minimum of one particular tree annually!

And you have heard of, what’s that all about? Conserve paper, obtain the deals when you need to have them? Just. LocalBlox is usually a new on the internet group that serves all neighborhood neighborhoods and since individuals get component in LocalBlox, the regional organizations also offer you their solutions electronically, with digital discount coupons, adverts and cellular adverts on LocalBlox.

Now you are inside the driver’s seat as to which support you must learn about and which coupon you actually want. Here on LocalBlox all you would possibly ever before will need in your neighborhood is in one place, electronically. And it is no cost to join, just click on on!

No a lot more junk with your mailbox, driveway, on the door nob, in front of one’s door or beneath the door and doormat. Get a proactive function and place up an indicator asking to End the junk while you get your bargains now on LocalBlox!

Effective Dental Practice Management Software Programs

Do you have dental practice computer software? Do you need dental practice software program? Can it genuinely make a difference in the accomplishment of your dental practice? The authorities say yes but that are the specialists anyway? What do your peers say? Well the majority of dental practices that have chosen to make the move to an effective practice management system report a tremendous enhance to their practice. Most effective dental practice management software can be a treasure trove of information that can be used to grow your practice in the most lucrative and efficient approaches.
So what exactly is it that a good dental practice management system will help you with? Most dental practices realize that the off the shelf computer software programs can help them schedule appointments, billing, charting and therapy plans, as well as some insurance management. On the other hand most dental practices are not employing their practice management software program to track referrals, to initiate return visits with patients, patient education, patient records and clinical patient notes. Then there is the entire location of both patient and management reports. This can be maybe the most underused and beneficial part of the software in respect to generating a cost effective, profitable, efficient dental practice.
There are even some dental practice management computer software programs that combine the accounting software program with the patient management software program to give the dental specialist the total package. The most effective computer software will be a system. It will be a system that may integrate all the different aspects of operating a dental practice. It will automate your scheduling, call and remind your patients of their appointments, reschedule future appointments or referrals to colleagues. Superior dental practice management software will merge your patient clinical records, your clinical notes and the patients accounting records.
Genuinely effective dental practice management software program will, along with all those things mentioned above, help educate your patients and advertise your practice. Perhaps you desire your patients to become able to go on-line and look at their files. Or possibly that is what your patients want. Your patients may well want to have the ability to log into your dental practice management system and check their xrays and clinical report. They want to schedule that appointment on the web or return appointment. If your patients are getting a certain process either through your office or through your referral, they want to go online and read about that procedure.
You will find other aspects of effective dental practice management software program for example collections, mobile applications, email, as well as productivity and profitability coaching for you and your staff. Simply compare how your dental practice is carrying out in respect to the rest of your profession. There are on demand coaching possibilities and webinars you’ll be able to offer your dental staff. What effective dental practice management computer software can do for any dental practice is to take the guess and some of the threat out of being your own boss and CEO. Effective dental practice management software program can let the dentist practice dentistry rather than being a businessman.
San Jose dentist delivers improvement in oral health for the whole family. You can consult your dentist in San Jose for smile enhancement techniques.

The Benefits Of SAP Mobile Solutions

Today’s economic climate demands the constant improvement of technological solutions for small and large businesses. Companies have recognized the values of modern technologies and its application for business purposes. In this way many companies are choosing to mobilize their businesses and to provide better technological solutions for their employees which further result in great business improvements. This way of doing business is no longer a matter of the future but rather of the present. The SAP Company offers sophisticated and innovative solutions which help companies to manage their business faster and more efficiently. SAP mobile solutions are designed to provide companies with innovative ways of mobilizing their businesses.

These solutions involve a wide range of applications which are useful for companies that aim to access their business processes at any time and from anywhere. These mobile solutions could be just the thing you’ve been looking for your firm as they are designed to change the way you do business and of course to allow you to facilitate it. The SAP Mobile solutions hold more advantages than you can imagine as they allow a fast and easy way of conducting business. Mobile technology is not a feature anymore it is a necessity in every aspects of our lives. This technology is no longer used for pure fun, many companies has recognized an enormous potential in cloud computing and mobile technology and in that manner have started using mobile technology for business facilitation. Good thing about this manner of doing business is that most of the employees are probably already using mobile technology and are accustomed to different mobile applications in one way or another. This enables you, as a company owner, to introduce an application which enables your employees to easily access important business information from any location and at any time. Mobility should be essential strategic part of every company, SAP mobile has introduced many applications in the past two years that have proven to be very beneficial. This enables people to access applications even when they’re offline. Sybase Unwired Platform is a leading mobile enterprise application platform which cuts down the costs of developing and deploying mobile applications.

Sybase Unwired Platform has the ability to combine different groups and applications which is further allowing managers or employees to easily access the information needed for their job. This system allows the end-users to access information regardless of connectivity which further enables them to work in offline environment. Another important part of the SAP mobile platform is Afaria as the one the industry’s most flexible enterprise mobility solutions. Mobile technology has surely changed the way we conduct business and in that manner every company owner should keep in mind that there’s always room for improvement. SAP mobile solutions offer just that, improvement which will bring many advantages and allow you to stay on top of things. Managers can now easily access these enterprise platforms and address any challenge in a fast manner even if they’re offline. Mobilizing your business also allows you to stay connected with your management and/or employees everywhere, all the time.

Forex Loophole Review – Simplest Method to Develop Automated Trading Software

There are numerous Forex trading strategies, that can be implemented by visitors to obtain profit. However, the Forex market is a huge one with just about all national currencies being traded around the market. The market is actually twofold, with brokers and investors being both folds. The automated Forex trading systems are basically programs which can be placed on your computers, that may trade currencies automatically, without human supervision.
The running of the automated Forex trading software is straightforward, the software scans the market for reasonably priced currencies and purchases then sells them into high priced currencies. Of course the program is designed in this manner that it ensures a profit for the investor. There are many different strategies that you could implement with all the help of the automated Forex trading strategies, including arbitrage trading or day trading strategies. Some features of the automated Forex trading software go as follows:
* Automated trading software gives updates regarding potential currency pairing, including USD and Euro. Usually the trader already owns some USD’s or Euro’s from earlier trades. In these instances, the price difference can be profited. In some instances, the program also can automatically purchase or sell the currencies without human supervision.
* Almost always there is a chance to have an arbitrage trade, i.e., purchase at lower price, and then sell at a higher price simultaneously. This transaction can operate with a much faster rate as the automated Forex trading software has much better reflexes than the human investor.
* Thirdly, the automated Forex day trader also brings updates and advises from throughout the web and globe at the conclusion for the day which is often easily utilized by investors.
* Another operational feature of Forex software is that they show composite graphs with the projection of various currencies. As well, the graphs are authentic. Such graphs can be utilized for any comparative study of all of the different economies and their currencies.
* Some Forex day trading systems can be instructed to purchase and then sell currencies on their own, upon the breach of the particular upper or lower limit from the currency projection.
There are numerous automated Forex trading systems and software, that can be used by investors. Often brokers also provide the software so the communication for trading can be faster. There are also several free automated Forex trading software packages that are obtainable.
It must be noted these software have settings, that’s, they have to be instructed over things to trade or what needs to be the total volume of this purchase and sale. Thus, your own study from the different economies and well considered anticipations has to be a commanding factor with the software. It must be also noted that even the best automated Forex trading software packages don’t have a completely loss free mechanism. Automated Forex trading is also loss prone, hence be sure that you have a good analysis of the different economies. As well as that, additionally, there are several scandals and illegal activities regarding such systems and facilities, which have been reported, have a look at some automated Forex trading software reviews before installing or purchasing one.
Now, let’s discuss about Forex Loophole created by Joe Jamieson and just how it may assist you. I hope this short Forex Loophole Review will assist you to differentiate whether Forex Loophole is Scam or perhaps a Real Deal.
Whenever you click the “buy” or “sell” button, that’s your money whizzing through cyberspace. Your trading software should set a gold standard for reliability. It is a powerful tool that you ought to confidently trust having a trade or a 0,000 order. Forex trading software ranges in price from free platforms available through a broker to trading stations that cost on the thousand dollars. If you’re making the move from dabbling in Forex to trading 2 or 3 days each week, it’s time to start your software applications.
Ideally, you should have a fast, lightweight client it doesn’t eat up disk space and it has a graphical interface that’s easy on the eyes. Layout, design needs to be roomy enough to your charts, orders as well as the real-time quotes to fit on screen together. Strategy testing, automated trading and also the power to create alerts to email you or generate a security sound depending on price movement will help you with work flow. Browse the user’s manual and appearance the system requirements for compatibility together with your operating system before you install.
Practise accounts may be used to test-run a client and sharpen your skills. Meta Trader has become a market standard and many retail brokers offer it as an alternative to their proprietary systems. For those who have a knack for programming you can write your own scripts or choose from the hundreds available in the database. Learning how to use trading software can take weeks — really. Understanding how to place orders, how to configure technical indicators and customization takes time. Practicing on the paper account will provide you with a reference indicate compare other software applications. Download a free stand-alone copy at
If you want to access a trading account on the run, you can use a web-based platform. These can’t substitute for the software attached to your desktop or laptop. But also for grabbing quick quotes or checking the status of your trade try the DealBook Web platform. MB Trading features a web-based version of its award-winning Navigator application too.
Forex Loophole may be the trading software for non-professionals,The Forex Loophole software is powerful, it’s consistent, it’s fully automated, and possesses the capacity to improve your life’s.

How To Tell Reproduction Depression Glass From The Original

For many collectors and antique dealers, it is difficult to be able to tell the difference between an original and a reproduction Depression glass piece. With a little general knowledge on the subject of reproductions, any person should be able to easily discern what is the original and what is the imposter. Following are some key tips to help you separate the real from the fake depression glass.

In general, Depression glass is mostly a lighter weight mold pressed glassware that was made between the 1920s and 1950s. The significant factors in depression glass is that they are a transparent colored glass, they usually have an embossed or raised pattern and they typically will have minute imperfections in the glass.

First, we will examine the colors: Original Depression glass usually has a light transparent coloration, typically green, pink, or blue. These colors, although at times will vary in intensity, should usually be a light color variation. If your piece has deep color tones, or it appears much darker than usual, it may be a sign it is not an original. Typically, reproduction Depression glass is made in China, Taiwan, India, or Mexico, and the color variations are almost always deeper than authentic Depression glass.

Next is to examine the weight of the piece. In the majority of cases, reproduction depression glass will be heavier than authentic Depression glass. The process in which the reproduction is manufactured mainly causes this. In the USA, when Depression glass was originally made, an IS (or injection) machine regulated the amount of glass that was pressed into the molds. This regulation of glass helped the original pieces to maintain a uniform weight over thousands of pieces.

Reproductions typically do not use the same technology and in the majority of cases, the glass is blown into molds either by hand or a non-regulated process. Thereby, making the reproduction pieces heavier, thicker and a wider difference in uniformity as opposed to their authentic counterparts. This is evident in the cases of reproduction tumblers that will have very thick bottoms, or butter dish lids that will be filled in at the lid’s underside.

The final notation to be aware of is the factory imperfections. Although imperfections on original Depression glass is normal, excess or blatant discrepancies are a dead giveaway. An occasional crease in the glass (also called a straw mark), a bubble or two or slight roughness on a seam line (or mold line) is normal in authentic Depression glass. If your piece has excessive bubbles, it is likely not an original, if you find several straw marks or creases, buyers beware! If the seam line or mold line has a lot of roughness, forget it, that piece is most likely, not authentic. The reason is, the USA manufacturers had quality control employees who would reject such pieces. The seam lines were usually cleaned, and excessive imperfections would have been recycled into the glass collet. Typical reproduction factories do not utilize quality control, and allow these excessively imperfect pieces to ship to the USA without inspection.

Use these tips to ensure that when you purchase an antique Depression glass piece, you are actually getting the original. Although there are some reproduction Depression glass pieces that are of a higher quality, in most cases being able to spot these quick differences may save you some grief (and money) later.

Demoralizing your team doesn’t work

All companies go through periods of greater success as well as challenging times. It’s a part of the natural ebb and flow of economic reality. And when times are tough, company leaders need to find ways to motivate their team to beat the slump – not beat THEM up.
When times are tough and business is a little slower than usual, employees begin to worry about job security. This is the moment for a company leader to be strategic about how they communicate with the team. Employees may start looking around for other opportunities if they sense that the company is in trouble. Beating up on them and making them feel as though they aren’t making any meaningful contribution to the company is a sure way to watch them leave. This doesn’t help your company recover faster. It slows the process down by creating a need to invest in training new people.
Instead, try taking a balanced approach. Here are three things you can do to inspire your workforce to work harder for you while still communicating the urgency of the situation.
1. Strike the Appropriate Tone. Hold a meeting where you paint a true picture of the challenges facing the company. With all challenges come opportunities – be sure to point these out as well. Strike a calm, practical and confident tone. Your team will appreciate your honesty while still understanding the need for everyone to give more than they have been giving.
2. Value Everyone Equally. Make sure to highlight the good work that each and every department has been doing, placing equal emphasis on the value of everyone to the company’s success thus far. If your people begin to feel as if you don’t value their contributions or that they are easily replaceable, they will become demotivated and demoralized. You don’t need to paint any false picture of rosiness; just be sure to make sure each member of your team understands their value to the continuing success of the company.
3. Build in Accountability. Create specific, detailed benchmarks, goals and objectives for each department and/or member of the team. Be sure to collaborate with each department and/or team member in order to ensure the goals are attainable, and that there is buy-in and ownership on the part of your employees. As part of the goal setting process, build in dates and times at which the team member or department will be expected to deliver on them as well as report on their progress to the larger team. This will create clear expectations and allow team members to have a roadmap for their own success.
Remember, when company leaders create an environment of fear and scarcity, employees will begin to act on that fear – fear of losing their job, fear of work drying up, etc. Conversely, when company leaders create an environment of hope, framed within clear expectations of hard work, employees will also act accordingly.
All companies experience shifting economic realities. And leaders have a choice – will you create fear and demoralize your team? Or will you LEAD them back down a path of renewed success?

Dedicated Server Advantages And How It Helps Your Website To Improve

Is your web page growing? Are you having troubles coping with the traffic? Perhaps your hosting provider need notified you or a little troubles with your site – i.e. your site may need been using up too much resources! What do you do then?

Never go fighting with the hosting company. In a shared environment, the hosting company has a duty to protect the other users on the same system. That is why a hugely popular web page may be shut down so as to maintain server integrity. If this has happened to you, never catch angry. Find out why your web page has been shut down. Here are a few recommendations.

Has your web page been optimized? For scenario, do you agree that you can allow visitors to load static HTML pages instead of resource intensive dynamic pages? Dynamic pages tend to make far too many queries to the database when loading and this hogs computing resources. With a little simple tweaks to your site (e.g. installing a cache plugin), the trouble can easily be solved.

Alternatively, you can remove a little bells and whistles that are not really required on the web page. This will lighten the burden on the server. Less calls to the database equates to less resources used. Your hosting provider might just let you continue to run your site in a shared environment.

Under any circumstances, if you need the budget, the best thing to do is to migrate your entire web page to a dedicated server. Why a dedicated environment? What are advantages?

1) You own the server. You can pretty much do what you want on it as if it’s your own personal computer.

2) You won’t be affected by other users because you are the only one using the server.

3) You can install third party scripts on the server. You can’t do so for a shared server.

4) You can tweak the server in a way that is best suited for your own site. For instance, you may have a little security relevance but you can’t make changes to the configuration in a shared server. In a dedicated environment, you can configure the system any way you like.

5) For sure, you catch a boost in performance when you move your site to a dedicated server. Now, all the computing resources are for your use only. In a shared environment, the same machine is shared by hundreds of sites. So that affects performance.

6) As you can configure the server in a way that suits your site, you can be sure that performance will become a lot more reliable. Web visitors will notice the improvement in performance and they will enjoy spending more time on your web page.

7) You can use your dedicated server to store huge files. Huge files made available for download are mostly frowned upon in a shared environment. If you need too far too many of these files, your account may be suspended. This can never happen on a dedicated server. You can upload big files for your visitors to download directly.